«В боротьбі виростає сила...». Культурно-освітня діяльність вояків інтернованої Армії УНР в Польщі як чинник боротьби за українську державність (1921-1924 рр.)


  • Юлія Голубнича Київський університет ім. Б. Грінченка, Ukraine

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internees, camp, officers, education, culture, national-patriotic education


On 21 November, 1920 UPR Army in continuous battles had to go to the Zbruch. Weapons and military equipment have been transferred to the Polish authorities. Army personnel were interned in line with international standards.

Extremely difficult conditions for troops interned in Poland demanded immediate action to improve the moral and morale of the soldiers. 

The primary means of overcoming the feeling of despair and inner spiritual crisis were a cultural and educational activities. In 1921 was established cultural and educational council of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army under orders of the UPR troops General command. National, social, cultural, aesthetic, moral and physical education of Ukrainian troops were priority activities of cultural and educational councils. Council was focused on the need for the promotion of the idea of the Ukrainian statehood restoration and military power of Ukraine.

Almost all educational activities in camps and units conducted cultural and educational departments of UNR Army divisions that have been established in all Ukrainian troops camps. Council departments were in the camps: Łańcut, Kalisz, Szczypiorno, Strzałkowo, Aleksandrów Kujawski, Wadowice and other.

The activity of cultural and educational institutions and groups that were in the camps has contributed to raising the level of education of the UPR Army soldiers to prevent demoralization of prisoners and promoted national and patriotic education. Educational work that began in the camps have laid a solid foundation for further learning Ukrainian troops overseas.

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Юлія Голубнича, Київський університет ім. Б. Грінченка

Julia Hołubnicza






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