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Lyadmila Ostapchenko

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Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, Ukraine

Sc.D., Full Professor, Director of ESC “Institute of biology”


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Scientific activity is connected with the study of the molecular mechanisms of the universal regulatory systems in the cells of various organs. Experimental investigations have fundamental specifications and are aimed at clarifying the role of universal messenger intracellular stages in the development of various pathological conditions of animals and humans. New and important research area, which was founded and is developing now, is related both to the investigation of molecular mechanisms of post-radiation disorders of the functional activity of lymphoid cells and the investigation of biochemical mechanisms in cells of mucous membrane of stomach and intestines in a peptic ulcer. The approaches to the analysis of the functioning of the universal regulate signal transduction systems (cyclic nucleotide-, calcium and 2',5'-oligoadenylate-dependent stages) in mucosal cells of digestive tract under development and healing of neurodystrophic lesions were worked out. It was proved that Egr-1 is the key gene and the transcription factor in the experimental ulceration. H3 receptors involvement was determined in gastric ulceration. The mechanisms of the development of precancerous conditions of the stomach and colon, as well as the development of methods for their prevention in patients with gastric hypochlorhydria and gastric achylia were investigated. The technology of diagnostics, prevention and treatment of these pathological conditions as the result of researches was designed. The founder and supervisor of scientific school "Functional Biochemistry". She collaborates with the Ukrainian Institute for Sexology and Andrology, which scientists are co-authors of guidelines for doctors. The head of the research project, which is carried out according to the agreement on creative cooperation between the Kiev National University and the University of California, Irvine (USA). 


Selected Publications:

1. Halenova, T., Raksha, N., Vovk, T., Savchuk, O., Ostapchenko, L., Prylutskyy, Y. et. al. (2018). Effect of C60 fullerene nanoparticles on the diet-induced obesity in rats. International Journal of Obesity, 42 (12), 1987–1998. doi: 

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4. Herheliuk, T., Perepelytsina, O., Ostapchenko, L., Sydorenko, M. (2018). The Effect of Multipotent Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Derivatives on the Properties of Breast Cancer Cells in vitro and in vivo. Cytology and Genetics, 52 (4), 283–293. doi: 

5. Kobyliak, N., Falalyeyeva, T., Boyko, N., Tsyryuk, O., Beregova, T., Ostapchenko, L. (2018). Probiotics and nutraceuticals as a new frontier in obesity prevention and management. Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 141, 190–199. doi: 

6. Dranitsina, A. S., Dvorshchenko, K. O., Korotkiy, A. G., Grebinyk, D. M., Ostapchenko, L. I. (2018). Expression of Ptgs2 and Tgfb1 Genes in Rat Cartilage Cells of the Knee under Conditions of Osteoarthritis. Cytology and Genetics, 52 (3), 192–197. doi: 

7. Raksha, N., Potalitsyn, P., Yurchenko, A., Halenova, T., Savchuk, O., Ostapchenko, L. (2018). Prevention of diet-induced obesity in rats by oral application of collagen fragments. Arhiv Za Bioloske Nauke, 70 (1), 77–86. doi: