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Andrei Sivolob

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Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, Ukraine

Dr., Sc.D., Full Professor, Professor of the Chair of General and Molecular Genetics

ESC «Institute of Biology»


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Professional (scientific) interests: molecular organization of the chromatin; mechanisms of protein-nucleic interactions; structure and physical properties of the DNA; topology of the circular DNA. Teaches general course ‘Molecular Biology’, a part of the general course ‘Biotechnology’, and special courses ‘Molecular organization of the chromatin’, Physical chemistry of biopolymers‘, ’Protein-nucleic interactions’


Selected Publications:

1. Afanasieva, K. S., Olefirenko, V. V., Sivolob, A. V. (2018). DNA loops after cell lysis resemble chromatin loops in an intact nucleus. The Ukrainian Biochemical Journal, 90 (5), 43–49. doi: 

2. Afanasieva, K., Sivolob, A. (2018). Physical principles and new applications of comet assay. Biophysical Chemistry, 238, 1–7. doi: 

3. Afanasieva, K., Chopei, M., Lozovik, A., Semenova, A., Lukash, L., Sivolob, A. (2017). DNA loop domain organization in nucleoids from cells of different types. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 483 (1), 142–146. doi: 

4. Prylutska, S., Politenkova, S., Afanasieva, K., Korolovych, V., Bogutska, K., Sivolob, A. et. al. (2017). A nanocomplex of C60 fullerene with cisplatin: design, characterization and toxicity. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, 8, 1494–1501. doi: 

5. Afanasieva, K. S., Chopei, M. I., Lozovik, A. V., Rushkovsky, S. R., Sivolob, A. V. (2016). Redistribution of DNA loop domains in human lymphocytes under blast transformation with interleukin 2. The Ukrainian Biochemical Journal, 88 (6), 45–51. doi: 

6. Afanasieva, K., Chopei, M., Sivolob, A. (2015). Single nucleus versus single-cell gel electrophoresis: Kinetics of DNA track formation. Electrophoresis, 36 (7-8), 973–977. doi: 

7. Afanasieva, K. S., Chopei, M. I., Sivolob, A. V. (2015). Chromatin in fractal globule state: evidence from comet assay. Biopolymers and Cell, 31 (2), 97–103. doi: