Yevgeny Leheza

Yevgeny Leheza
University of Customs and Finance, Ukraine

Doctor of Law, Professor

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Selected Publications:

1. Hryhorash, O., Korneyev, M., Leheza, Y., Zolotukhina, L., Hryhorash, T. (2018). The development of small business as a source of formation of local budget revenues in Ukraine. Investment Management and Financial Innovations, 15 (1), 132–140. doi: 

2. Dymko, I., Muradian, A., Leheza, Y., Manzhula, A., Rudkovskyi, O. (2017). Integrated approach to the development of the effectiveness function of quality control of metal products. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 6 (3 (90)), 26–34. doi: 

3. Leheza, Y., Savielieva, M., Dzhafarova, O. (2018). Structural and legal analysis of scientific activity regulation in developed countries. Baltic Journal of Economic Studies, 4 (3), 147–157. doi: 

4. Chentsov, V. V., Leheza, Ye. O. (2019). Relevance of national legislation on the cleaning of authorities to international legal standards // Public administration and customs administration, 2 (19), 111–122. doi: 

5. Leheza, Ye. O. (2018). Legality and objectives of the decisions of the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine at the time of delegation to the competition of the Supreme Court. Legal position, 2 (21), 152–156. doi: 

6. Leheza, Ye. O., Ivanchenko, O. Yu. (2017). Administratyvno-pravovyi aspekt nadannia sudovykh posluh u vitchyznianomu zakonodavstvi. Pravova pozytsiia, 2, 16–24

7. Leheza, Ye. O. (2018). Activity of subjects of the public administration for the provision of public services: problem questions and ways of their solution// ScienceRise: Juridical Science, 2 (4), 8–15. doi: