No 1 (11) (2018)

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Table of Contents

The synthesis and study of profiles of the ornidazole impurities PDF
Dmytro Leontiev, Olena Bevz, Natalia Volovyk, Ivan Gella, Victoria Georgiyants 4-11
Actual approaches to development of new germicides in the conditions of extension of antibiotic resistance PDF
Svіtlana Bilous, Svitlana Dуbkova, Olga Liutko, Liudmyla Rieznichenko, Tamara Gruzina, Tymofiy Kalyniuk 12-15
Verification of dissolution test for doxycycline hyclate in capsules to implement into the pharmacopoeial monograph PDF
Anna Dobrova, Olga Golovchenko, Victoria Georgiyants 16-20
Research of the toxicological profile of the new gel, which contains an extract of the oak bark and aloe extract PDF
Natalya Tsubanova, Dmytro Zhurenko, Tatiana Sakharova 21-25
Selection and verification of the method for phynelefrine hydrochloride assay in Simanovsky ointment PDF
Lesia Savchenko, Kateryna Uminska, Nataliia Bevz, Victoriya Georgiyants 26-31
Study of excipients quantities influencein the composition of the powder in sachet packages PDF
Oksana Tryhubchak, Svetlana Gureyeva, Olga Yuryeva 31-35
Morphological and taxonomic study of oxyacanthae Zbl. section of crataegus L. genus by vegetative characteristics PDF
Natalia Sydora 36-41
Study of influence of primary packaging on the stability of the original veterinary preparation PDF
Zhanna Polova, Lyudmyla Almakayeva 42-47
In vitro susceptibility study of Candida Spp. isolates to new combined potential medicinal product for the treatment of vaginal candidiasis PDF
Iryna Nizhenkovska, Liudmyla Zinchenko 47-52