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The importance of career guidance as a factor in choosing a future profession is explored in the article. It is determined that the main varieties of career guidance we can reffer: professional education, professional counseling and professional selection, involvement of specialists of the employment center, technical schools, students, who fully acquaint the students with the features of future professional activity.
It is established that professional orientation is a complex scientific and practical work, which consists of a deep knowledge of the content and conditions of professional activity, requirements for professional qualities and skills of a person. The main goals of career guidance are to assist the person in choosing a profession by matching themselves with the requirements of a particular activity, enhancing the competitiveness of the employee in the labor market and achieving effective employment of the population. Its main stages are: professional information, professional consultation, professional selection and professional adaptation.
The survey determines the factors that influence the choice of profession. Among the factors are the following: one profession is for life; the prestige of the profession is the most important thing; like a person – like a profession; favorite school subject = profession.


vocational guidance; career choices; schoolchildren.

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