Development of a methodology for assessing reliability of databases used in radio network management

Volodymyr Mishchenko


The paper analyzes the tasks that are performed during the processing of distributed data. The object of research is the process of automation of control in distributed systems and the organization of processing distributed data. During the study, a data replication method was used, providing for their duplication in different nodes of the information-analytical system. This is due to the fact that this method allows to bring several databases with the same structure into the same consistent state, which is accompanied by a mutual introduction of changes. This ensures effective informational and intellectual (analytical) support for geographically distributed, but functionally interconnected groups of officials in the process of developing managerial decisions. The analysis of the stages of the elementary cycle of managing complex systems – the collection of situation data, the development of solutions, the generation of control commands for the network component – reveals a common feature for all stages. Namely, all of them are complex information processes (the first three are the exchange of information in the data transmission system and its processing in data management systems, the last is the change in the network parameters for generating control commands of the network component). The high speed of these processes and the logical complexity of their structure led to the need to automate the management of these processes, when a significant part of the information functions of the control center is transferred by technical means – information and logic devices of an automated control system. As a result of the study, experimental results are obtained, on the basis of which it is possible to significantly increase the level of functional reliability of databases of information-analytical systems. It also became possible to reduce the time for processing and synchronization of distributed data of information-analytical systems. The research results should be used in calculating the functional reliability of distributed databases of information-analytical systems, information and telecommunication networks. It is planned to use this methodology when building large arrays of distributed databases in information networks built on modern wireless radio technologies.


information network; data replication technology; database management system; distributed data processing


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