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Vol 6, No 1(44) (2018): Industrial and technology systems An experimental study of the wave effect in fuel equipment using hydrogen additives to diesel fuel Abstract   PDF   PDF (Русский)
Denis Shalapko
Vol 1, No 5(21) (2015): Economics and management of enterprise. Development of the productive forces and regional economy An investigation of customer satisfaction and loyalty in projects of mini-hotels Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Виктор Макарович Левыкин, Валерия Викторовна Дэвон
Vol 4, No 3(30) (2016): Technology Transfer in the Transport Industry. Information and Control Systems. Systems and Control Processes An investigation of the bus headways and the passenger waiting time on the urban routes Abstract   PDF
Olexiy Kuzkin
Vol 6, No 4(8) (2012): Scientific outcomes 2012 An optimal loads allocation for the parallel filters of condensate polishing at the NPP Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Світлана Леонідівна Мердух
Vol 6, No 4(50) (2019): Economics of enterprises. Macroeconomics Analisis of ukraine’s industrial enterprises: direction of development Abstract   PDF   PDF (Українська)
Olena Pidlisna
Vol 6, No 5(44) (2018): Macroeconomics Analisys of global aspect of formation of institutional innovative strategies Abstract   PDF   PDF (Українська)
Vitaliy Omelyanenko
Vol 3, No 3(53) (2020): Chemical engineering Analyse the biodiversity and socio-economic values of the wetlands in Vietnam Abstract   PDF
Nguyen Song Tung, Nguyen Dinh Dap
Vol 5, No 5(13) (2013): MATERIALS OF SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE. Information technology and control systems Analysis and choosingthe WiFi-network in unstable ether situation Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Ірина Миколаївна Журавська
Vol 6, No 1(38) (2017): Industrial and Technology Systems Analysis and comparison of metal-oxide surge arrester models Abstract   PDF   PDF (Русский)
Volodymyr Brzhezitsky, Yevgeniy Trotsenko, Yaroslav Haran
Vol 6, No 2(38) (2017): Information and Control Systems Analysis and development of compromise solutions in multicriteria transport tasks Abstract   PDF   PDF (Русский)
Lev Raskin, Oksana Sira, Yurii Parfeniuk
Vol 2, No 4(34) (2017): Economics of enterprises Analysis and estimation of effectiveness of investment projects Abstract   PDF   PDF (Українська)
Nataliia Lemeshko
Vol 4, No 1(42) (2018): Industrial and Technology Systems Analysis and generalization of the results of an experimental research of the rechargeable batteries of self-guided electric torpedo СЕТ-65 (USSR) in post-guarantee terms of exploitation Abstract   PDF   PDF (Русский)
Igor Biryukov, Alexey Biryukov, Oleksandr Shcheptsov
Vol 6, No 4(20) (2014): Scientific outcomes 2014 Analysis and management algorithm of complex security based on cognitive modeling Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Валерій Валерійович Козловський, Андрій Віталійович Міщенко, В'ячеслав Володимирович Сніжко
Vol 1, No 3(9) (2013): Technology audit and production reserves Analysis and new structure of the industrial development program Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Александр Сергеевич Ванюшкин
Vol 1, No 1(9) (2013): Technology audit and production reserves Analysis and reduction of effect of factors on recognition of induction motor in electric network Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Денис Иванович Кузнецов, Андрей Иванович Купин
Vol 6, No 1(50) (2019): Industrial and technology systems Analysis and synthesis of creation of vibration machines with an estimation of their efficiency and reliability Abstract   PDF   PDF (Українська)
Ivan Nazarenko, Volodymyr Slipetskyi
Vol 3, No 4(47) (2019): Economics of enterprises. Macroeconomics Analysis and systematization of marketing studies data of the Ukrainian nanopowder market and formation of the program for its development Abstract   PDF   PDF (Українська)
Victor Malyshev, Nina Kushchevska, Antonina Korotieieva, Diana-Maria Bruskova, Mark Zalubovskiy, Tetiana Lukashenko
Vol 6, No 5(26) (2015): Problems of macroeconomics and socio-economic development. Economics and management of enterprise Analysis economics and organizational principles of investment activity of business associations Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Ігор Валентинович Алєксєєв, Людмила Станіславівна Федевич
Vol 5, No 1(55) (2020): Industrial and technology systems Analysis free oscillations of a non-homogeneous pipe along's thickness and length, taking into account the resistance of the external environment Abstract   PDF
Gulnar Mirzayeva, Vusala Rzayeva
Vol 5, No 1(55) (2020): Industrial and technology systems Analysis of accidents of the WWER-1000 reactor in which emergency cooling heat exchangers operate Abstract   PDF (Українська)   PDF
Tymofii Pyrohov, Alexander Korolev, Vladislav Inyushev, Volodymyr Kurov
Vol 3, No 4(35) (2017): Economics of enterprises Analysis of accounting of financial expenses in the process of financial planning of transport companies Abstract   PDF   PDF (Українська)
Ludmila Shiryaeva, Natalia Khotyeyeva, Ludmila Chiz, Veronika Bondarenko
Vol 2, No 3(28) (2016): Systems and Control Processes. Information and Control Systems. Technology Transfer in the Transport Industry Analysis of algorithm for estimating distribution functions of random variables for the prediction of technogenic risk Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Петро Андрійович Вавулін, Тетяна Владиславівна Бойко
Vol 6, No 2(32) (2016): Systems and control processes. Technology Transfer in the Transport Industry Analysis of ambient temperature change on depletion intensity of powder charges during long-term storage of ammunition Abstract   PDF (Русский)
Алексей Игоревич Бирюков, Игорь Юрьевич Бирюков
Vol 4, No 4(24) (2015): Technologies of food, light and chemical industry Analysis of amino acid composition and biological value of protein from buckwheat groats of different varieties Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Антоніна Анатоліївна Дубініна, Світлана Олександрівна Ленерт, Тетяна Миколаївна Попова
Vol 1, No 3(15) (2014): Quality of technologies - quality of life for Analysis of anthropometric data for designing corsetryproducts of bra group Abstract   PDF (Українська)
Олена Володимирівна Лєсовець
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