Tobacco Control and Public Health in Eastern Europe

International peer-reviewed open-access journal founded in honor of professor Ilya N. Andreev, the first coordinator of the coalition  ‘For smoke-free Tatarstan'

TCPHEE is intended to present research that will be important for shaping healthy public policy in low- and middle-income countries with a primary focus on the countries of the former Soviet Union.

TCPHEE covers all areas of Public Health with special regard to issues related to economic, demographic and epidemiologic transition, East-West differences, and development of Public Health and national health systems. As a multidisciplinary journal it aims at attracting contributions from epidemiology, health economics, social sciences (sociology of health), environmental health sciences, and other disciplines relevant to public health.

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Vol 6, No 1 (2016)

Table of Contents

Original article

Tobacco and alcohol consumption in post-Soviet Ukraine: qualitative findings from community consultations PDF
Anastasiya Salnykova, Anna Vorobyova, Setareh Rouhani, Olena Hankivsky 01-14
Social gradients in responsiveness to messages on children's tobacco smoke exposure PDF
Luiza Khakimova, Galina Ananjeva, Dmitriy Bersenev 15-20
Heavy smoking and severe dental caries in Indonesian men PDF
Wasis Sumartono, Hasbullah Thabrany, Ratna Meidyawati 21-29
Respondent-driven sampling: characteristics associated with productive and non-productive recruitment PDF
Vira O Pravosud, Tatiana I Andreeva 31-44