Monitoring of tobacco smoke particulate matter air pollution in the universities of Kazan city


  • Galina A Ananjeva
  • Tatiana I Andreeva School of Public Health, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine
  • Z M Bilalova
  • V A Vasylyev
  • R R Sairanov
  • M K Perekhodko
  • V L Kamalova
  • D V Kholodnova


tobacco smoke, particulate matter, smoke-free policies, university buildings, student dormitories


Particulate matter (PM) measurements were conducted in the premises of eight universities in Kazan city. Where smoking is allowed, PM concentrations reach dangerous levels. Smoking mostly takes place in rest-rooms, hallways, corridors, and kitchens of student dormitories. In premises where nobody smokes of the buildings where smoking is not fully forbidden, PM concentrations may be dangerous even for healthy people. Smoke-free policies in university buildings do not cause compensatory smoking at the entrances. PM concentrations at the upper floors of the buildings are generally higher, which needs to be taken in to account while interpreting the results of PM measurements. Smoke-free policies must cover both university buildings and student dormitories.

Key words: tobacco smoke, particulate matter, smoke-free policies, university buildings, student dormitories.


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