Medical students’ readiness to provide smoking cessation help

Elena N Andreicheva, Tatiana I Andreeva, Galina A Ananjeva


Based on the Global Health Professions Student Survey questionnaire, 770 students of Kazan Medical University, third and fifth years were surveyed. About 90% responded that health professionals should be educated to provide smoking cessation help, while one in five reported to have acquired such skills. Students were more likely to consider quit advice effective if they got classes on smoking cessation and relevant medicines. Classes just on tobacco health impact were not associated with higher confidence that quit advice is effective. It is recommended to strengthen curricula with knowledge and skills regarding smoking cessation help.

Keywords: health professions students, Global Tobacco Surveillance System, smoking cessation, health professionals’ effectiveness.


health professions students; Global Tobacco Surveillance System; smoking cessation; health professionals’ effectiveness


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