Scope of illegal tobacco products sales in Kazan city


  • Galina A Ananjeva
  • Tatiana I Andreeva School of Public Health, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine


Kazan city, illegal tobacco sales, single cigarette sales, cigarette sales to minors, educational institutions, tobacco advertising


Pilot assessment of illegal tobacco sales was conducted in Kazan city. The revealed law violations include placement of tobacco sales points within 100 meters around educational institutions, single cigarette sales and cigarette sales to minors. Single cigarettes were more likely to be sold in two of five types of sales outlets – pavilions and kiosks, those placed closer to educational institutions, and where larger part of the storefront was dedicated to cigarette packs. Points of sales with similar characteristics were more likely to sell to minors as well. Placement of notes regarding ban of cigarette sales to minors does not influence the levels of illegal sales. Measures to curb the levels of illegal cigarette sales were recommended.

Key words: Kazan city, illegal tobacco sales, single cigarette sales, cigarette sales to minors, educational institutions, tobacco advertising.


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