Vol 1, No 1 (2011)

2nd conference 'Tobacco and Health of Kazan citizens'

Table of Contents


Studies in the field of tobacco control: what kind they are and what they are for? Examples from Kazan PDF (Русский)
Tatiana I Andreeva 1-10

Original article

Monitoring of tobacco smoke particulate matter air pollution in the universities of Kazan city PDF (Русский)
Galina A Ananjeva, Tatiana I Andreeva, Z M Bilalova, V A Vasylyev, R R Sairanov, M K Perekhodko, V L Kamalova, D V Kholodnova 11-19
Smoking among adolescents in Russia in comparison with other countries of central and Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union PDF (Русский)
Anna Tokar, Tatiana I Andreeva 20-27
Medical students’ readiness to provide smoking cessation help PDF (Русский)
Elena N Andreicheva, Tatiana I Andreeva, Galina A Ananjeva 28-33
Scope of illegal tobacco products sales in Kazan city PDF (Русский)
Galina A Ananjeva, Tatiana I Andreeva 34-38

Brief Report

Alternative ways of antismoking education of studying youth: what to be used instead of stories about harm for health PDF (Русский)
Vladimir M Lovchev 49-50

Literature review

Evaluation of the tobacco epidemic and tobacco control measures at national and municipal levels PDF (Русский)
Tatiana I Andreeva 51-60
Smoking prevalence among adults in the Russian Federation PDF (Русский)
Konstantin S Krasovsky 61-63