Ways to improve the diagnosis and treatment of acute epididymitis


  • E.A. Litvinets Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University, Ukraine
  • S.V. Golovko NMPC "Main Military Clinical Hospital", Ukraine
  • D.O. Valerko NMPC "Main Military Clinical Hospital", Ukraine
  • V.R. Balabanyk NMPC "Main Military Clinical Hospital", Ukraine
  • I.V. Kolosova NMPC "Main Military Clinical Hospital", Ukraine




acute epididymitis, ultrasound diagnostics, peak systolic velocity, peak diastolic velocity, resistance index


Analysis of the literature shows that acute epididymitis is a complex problem, both social and medical. This requires providing accurate and informative diagnostic methods for determining inflammation in the epididymis. One of these methods is the ultrasound diagnostics. This method makes it possible not only to diagnose inflammatory problem, but at the same time – to monitor the recovery process or development of destructive (pus) complications.


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