About subcultures in Ukraine during the period of Nazi occupation

Vitaliy Radziyevsʹkyy


In the article the subculture of the Great Patriotic War is analyzed. The problem become relevant due to social transformations and requires research in the field of education. The author underlines the necessity of comprehension of these sociocultural phenomena in cultural and historical dimensions as a temporary "non-permanent" subculture of the Ukrainian period of the Great Patriotic War: subculture of guerrillas, guest workers and military prisoners. In the scientific discourse, it is a subcultural phenomena and structures though were limited in time, a temporary period of existance, but played a significant role in a particular period of our history and culture. Goal – the comprehension of this particular cultural phenomenon existing during World War II as a subculture of war prisoners, guerrillas, ostarbeiteren and clarify their specific cultural and historical existance. Ukraine and the Ukrainian culture of 1941-1945 caused the interest of many scientists. But the subject of subcultures in Ukraine during the 40s of XX century is not found in adequate coverage. If the social, age and occupational subcultures and even criminal subculture is the phenomena and they are relatively constant, then the special effects, temporary cultural life – is a subculture of prisoners of war , guerrillas and ostarbeiteren. Maybe in the scientific reflection, seemingly, irrelevant to isolate subcultures of prisoners, partisans and ostarbeiterens because of their specific "artifice" and problematic (limited time, resources, and the nature of existance, etc.). But the most difficult (sometimes way too much) conditions for the existance of millions of people during the war gave rise to many features of life (not just special forms of communication, communication systems, a sets of specific rules and prohibitions, etc.), creating certain subcultural phenomenon, which eventually were sang in literature (Soviet partisans in the works of socialist realism) and relatively thoroughly analyzed by scientists. Subcultures of guerrillas and ostarbeiteren have a fundamental difference. Subculture of ostarbeiteren, with significant restrictions has the character of relative external orientation (decals, circumstances exist, "camp" mode, etc.). It should be emphasized that almost all subcultures, born by war, have a special character and styles.


culture; the Great Patriotic War; subculture; culturology; subculture’s during the War; history