Oksana Boychuk


For the first time investigated the creative activity of famous Ukrainian conductors family Antkovih, natives of

Ternopil region. The article proved their significance in the development of choral culture of Ternopil region in the second half of the twentieth century. The basis of this study are the archival materials, most of which are first introduced to scientific circulation.

In the history of Ukrainian culture Ternopil region entered as important in cultural and artistic sense part of Galicia. The origin of the amateur, and later professional musical art of Ternopil was prepared significant achievements of talented representatives. Among the famous natives of Ternopil region is individual representatives of families and the Barvinsky’s, Boichuk’s, Horbaczewsky’s, Dnistryansky’s, Lepky’s, Sonevicky’s and a number others. The urgency of the problem is to appeal to such a phenomenon of ukrainian culture as the family artistic dynasty. One of the most revealing in this regard was family Antkovih of s. Ostriv (now Ternopil region). For decades at various state formations this conductor's life reed served as national art, achieving good results not only from the church or the amateur, but also by professional choirs.

Began artistic tradition in the family of M. Antkiv. Conducting choral activities of M. Antkova has focused exclusively on the amateur level. Later, noticing that the art in sons Bohdan and Michael’s father promotes the

development of their musical abilities, giving it an inducement to the family dynasty of choral conductors.

The younger son of M. Antkova – Mikhail (1923 – 1993) after gaining higher education received a referral to the

post of artistic director and conductor of the Ternopil regional choral chapel (the first professional choir in the Ternopil Region), however, continues to study in the graduate school under the direction of M. Verykivsky. In 1956 he defended candidate's dissertation, begins his pedagogical activity in the Lviv’s Conservatory, where the period of work exerted a whole galaxy of talented conductors. Actively worked with the creative groups of students: ethnographic ensemble of song and dance "Dnister", the chorus of "Homin" and others.

The eldest son of m. Antkova – Bohdan (1915-1998) the initial musical education received musical courses.            B. Antkìv was a member of various Ukrainian companies that operated in the village, including: "Ridna Shkola", "Prosvita", the union of progressive youth M. Drahomanov "Kamenyri" and others. For active participation in cultural and artistic life in 1937-1938 B. Antkìv was imprisoned and later deported. In addition to conducting the activity of B. Antkìv was fond of dramatic art.

Family traditions in the field of choral music continued sons Bohdan Antkìva Zenoviy-Bogdan and Yuri. Senior

Zenoviy-Bogdan Bogdanovich Antkìv (1942-2009. In 1959-1961. – student of Ternopol musical college, and later the Lviv’s Conservatory. 1969-1984. – conductor of the state honored the academic choir of Ukraine "Dumka" (now – the national honored academic choir of Ukraine "Dumka"). An important page in the creative biography of the artist has been collaborating with the state male choir Revutsky’s (Kiev), where in the period 1984-2009. B. Antkiv was the chief conductor.

Thanks to his hard work chapels repertoire constantly updated – performed and recorded undeservedly forgotten

page of Ukrainian choral music: carols, historical, chumak, and other folk songs, ancient cants, works of                  D. Bortnyansky, M. Berezovsky, A. Vedel, M. Lysenko, K. Stetsenko and many other ukrainian composers. Conductor actively collaborated with contemporary composers l. Dychko, V. Zubitskiy, V. Stepurko and others. The integral form of the artistic life of the collective was touring-concert activity: the choir is well-known in England, Belgium, Germany, France, etc.

Younger son – Yuri Antkìv (1944-2014) was co-organizer and manager of numerous choirs in Lviv, in particular

folk choral chapel "Zahrava", student choruses Lviv’s musical-pedagogical school, the children’s choir "Shchedryk", youth Chamber Choir "Nadija" etc., which repeatedly visited Ternopil region

Thus, a significant role in the development of the musical environment of Ternopil region end of XIX-XX centuries had the selfless activity of representatives of the family Antkovih, which with its everyday work contributed to

the professionalisation of artistic society of native land and the formation of regional music traditions. Dynasty of choral conductors Antkovij by its orientation had a lot to do with the efforts of the families Vakhnyanyn’s, Kolessa’s, Krushelnytsky’s, Lysenko’s, Nyzhankivsky’s, Revutsky’s and others. Founding during the 20th century many of the choirs they exerted a huge influence on the development of the national choir of art not only in Ternopil region, but also in Ukraine in general.


family Antkiv’s; choral conductor; choir; music art; Ternopil region