Maxim Tymoshenko


The present article investigates the human characteristic and the role of art in contemporary cultural studies. It is noted that the problem of person, Humanity as a Cultural discipline remain in the spotlight of contemporary cultural studies, but still need more methodical justification and specification. The research makes two groups of issues possible to distinguish in the content of Ukrainian musicology that meet modern culture-component process: the situation of musical creativity as a test, even the leading field of cultural semantics (for the period) and the question of the specific qualities, while typical properties and characteristics of Ukrainian composers' creativity of the last decades of XX – early years of XXI centuries . It is this duality of musical artifacts and their epiphenomenon study that reaches the level of organizing, lays methodological originality and scientific innovation of musicological studies.

Analyzing composer individuality the article proves that it is a piece of music in its architectonics and semantic filling inherits individual the spiritual world of its creator, becomes the material on which it is possible to judge with sufficient certainty not only on individual aspects of composition, but its meaning dominant cultural environment of "near" and "far" social circle of artist.

Studies phenomenon personification combines the two main dimensions of the human person in the "life world of art", art and cultural, one that is based on specialized professional performance, and one that expresses the general communicative and semantic guidelines culture.


people; cultural and artistic consciousness; composition; mass and elite art