Vladimir Nechitaylo


Purpose of Article. The goal of the article is to research the role and the importance of the nation as a basic element of the traditional folk choreographic art of Ukraine. The main task is to definite the influence of the ethnic component in the formation of Ukrainian choreographic art. Methodology. The historical, cultural and analytic methods are used in the research. The mentioned methods allow us to review and analyse the modern Ukrainian choreographic art and to find out its role in the cultural life of the country in the historical context. Scientific Novelty. The novelty of the research is the revealing of the deep nature of Ukrainian traditional dance art in the historical context and its correlation with the modern trends of choreographic art. The analysis gives us an opportunity to research ethnic fundamentals of the Ukrainian traditional choreographic art and to analyse the role of the ethnic component in the Ukrainian folk dance art. Conclusions. The basis of the Ukrainian folk choreographic art is the ethnic component. It had been developing on the basis of Ukrainian ethnic community for many centuries. Today it’s the combination of the ethnic and practical aspects. The modern condition of Ukrainian choreography is the reflection of the historic stage of the national cultural development. Ukrainian dance art is the method of saving the cultural heritage of Ukraine. It also is the manifestation of the cultural- genetic code of Ukrainian nation, the seeking of the own national historic past. It is an effective method of the development of Ukrainian traditions, which is the important element of the national evolution in our country. In the modern cultural process, the folk choreography is an important factor of the development of the collective personal national and cultural identity, which is a basis of the surviving of Ukrainian national culture.


Ukrainian folk choreographic art; dance culture of Ukraine; ethnic component; ethnos; tradition

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