Language and Globalization Transformation of Ukrainian Culture: Theoretical Aspects

Ludmyla Pylyavetc


Purpose of Article. The purpose of the article is to analyse of the main aspects of the solution of the Ukrainian culture identical problems in the globalization transformation, paying particular attention to the language problems. The methodological basis consists of general scientific and culturological methods. They form the research approaches. The complex approach means the analysis of the relations and links of globalization. The system approach allows us to study the globalization transformations as a system. It gives us an opportunity to see elements and systematize their connections. Scientific Novelty. The scientific novelty is to review the theoretical aspects of the problem of the Ukrainian cultural crisis in the circumstances of global challenges, particularly in sphere of the language. Conclusions. The processes of the culturalinformational globalization destroy cultural and linguistic self-identity. The most negative challenges of the national sphere of the language are migration and polyculture. They allow to mix the national culture with foreign patterns. The states have to make few languages as official national languages to support the social harmony and to prove the existence of the language borders. The integration stimulate the state to self-identify, to occupy its own place among others. It is impossible without knowledge of other languages whereas it leads to mixing Ukrainian with other languages.


globalization; language; transformation; Ukrainian culture