Images of women in the ballet as a form of creative thinking

Valentina Zakharova


Purpose of Article. The goal of the article is to analyse the nature and features of the showing of female images in ballet performances. Methodology. The methodology of the work is based on the analytical method. It involves the studying of images, created by actresses and the identifying of the themes of the performance, played by them. Scientific novelty. The scientific novelty is devoted to the analysis of the nature and features of the showing of female artistic images in ballet performances. Moreover, it is noted that the art of ballet reflects the culture of the cultural and historical epoch by various artistic means, a plastic language and a ballet performance. The artistic image is defined as a form of creative thinking, a form of reflection of objective reality. The author proposes the examples of ballet performances where visual female images reflect the reality at certain aspects, and offer their ideals. Conclusions. The female images, created in ballet performances, are a form of interpretation of the world from the point of view of some aesthetic ideals.


artistic image; female characters in the ballet performances; art; ballet; choreography; choreographer