Artistic features of decorative plates of Vyzhnytsia art area masters

Roman Gavryliuk


The purpose of the article is to study the evolution of the artistic and stylistic features of decorative plates as one of the most popular creative forms of Vyzhnytsia area masters of the latter half of the 20th – the beginning of the 21st centuries. The specification of the collected factual material and the purpose and tasks of the article, have defined the studying methodology. The research was based on the systematic approach and the use of historical principle, along with the dominant method of integrated artistic analysis, which, in turn, has synthesized the research capabilities of comparative-historical, functional and typological methods. The scientific novelty of the article lies in the fact, that the integrated art approach for research of the important creative aspect – the effective combination of old folk traditions and modern approaches within the unique art school of Vyzhnytsia, was used for the first time. Conclusions. Through the examples of diploma and course works of Vyzhnytsia College of Applied Art students, performed under the guidance of experienced teachers, the article traces the evolution of artistic and stylistic features of Bukovynian decorative applied art masters. The research introduces into scientific discourse a significant number of wood carving works, characterized by both traditional methods of decorative composition solution, and innovative approaches to the ornamental motif treatment and work techniques.


decorative plate; carving; intarsia,;Vyzhnytsia art area