"Musical message" of pianist as a result of the unity of internal and external in the process of piano playing

Kateryna Yerhiieva


The purpose of the work is to consider the problem of the "musical message" of the pianist in the process of public performance and to work out the problem of holisticity of piano playing in the internal and external aspects of concert performance of musical composition. The methodology of the research has an interdisciplinary character and consists in the application of the holistic approach and philosophical principles, such as the irrational theoretical model of S. Kierkegaard (the existential theory of singularity), the phenomenology and hermeneutics of P. Ricoeur as well as the aesthetic-semiotic, historical-musical, genre- stylistic, and textual research methods. As a basis of the theoretical searching of musical "message" problem in the context of the theory of artistic communication (playing a musical instrument "alive") there was selected a binary system with binary oppositions: author – performer, addressee – the addressee, internal – external, implicitness – explicitness, introversion – extroversion, internalization – externalization, language – speech, text – interpretation. Scientific novelty of the work consists in studying a new for musical science category, a category of "musical message". It is proposed to determine the musical message of the pianist as a complete in meaning, intoned for a listener piece of musical composition, which is an informative synthesis of the performer’s understanding of the text structure, the interpretation as the experience of the performer’s relationship to the idea of the work and the individual style of the playing. Conclusions. The result of pianist’s concert playing is musical message that embodies personal understanding of the interpretation of composer’s text. It must have such features as subjectivity, polysemy, topicality, persuasiveness, modernity, clarity, transitivity, completeness and integrity. In this case, the full-fledged artistic communication takes place and the message of the pianist becomes a peculiar epiphany for the recipient public.


artistry; musical message; individual meaning; super-meaning; text movement; movement of interpretation; artistic communication