Spatial and temporal dimension of Ukrainian abstract art

Antonina Dubrivna


The purpose of the work is to conduct a cultural and art criticism analysis of the Ukrainian abstract art from the standpoint of spatial and temporal unity (chronotope), which will allow comprehending its complex nature and linking it to a single coordinate system. The methodology of the study lies in the application of a comparative and concrete
historical method for establishing similarities and differences between historical milestones in the development of abstract art in the light of the raised theme, as well as the formal method for analyzing the creative works of abstract art. The scientific novelty of the work lies in the comprehension of the Ukrainian abstract art in the context of spatial and
temporal connections, in particular its consideration as a coordinate system with the expressed regional centers with certain characteristics, due to the cultural and historical character. The conclusions. Analysis of the processes taking place in the Ukrainian abstract art demonstrates the interdependence of temporal and spatial relationships, which account for one of the key tasks of cultural research. It provides the opportunity to make a universal and dynamic
analysis of the current cultural and artistic situation, which will help to streamline it with the probability of predicting future forms of development in the XXI century.


spatial and temporal interconnections; chronotope; Ukrainian abstract art; abstraction; cultural and artistic centers.