The creative and pedagogical principles of Ivo Vasilievich Bobul in the context of preparation of young vocalist

Anastasiia Lavrynenko


The purpose of the article is to cover the main directions and creative principles of the pedagogical activity of the famous Ukrainian singer Ivo Vasilievich Bobul in the context of the preparation and search for young vocalists. The methodology of the research is based on biographical, cultural, art and pedagogical approaches using the methodological principles of reliability and objectivity. Scientific novelty. The article is a continuation of the articles devoted to the research of Ivo Bobul's life-creation, as well as the first scientific publication that highlights the pedagogical activity of the famous Ukrainian performer. Conclusions. Today we can say that Ivo Bobul is at the peak of his creative career. However, his work, in our opinion, is interesting primarily due to the fact that he constantly draws attention to himself with new projects, among which teaching and managing at the department of pop singing at the Kiev Municipal Academy of Variety and Circus Art and participating as a jury at various competitions and in joint projects, and finding and assisting young talented performers, etc. Constant work, activity, fruitful creative search allow the singer not only to turn over new pages in his work, but also to reveal new facets of his talent.


Ivo Bobul; performing; pedagogical activity; vocal school; young talents


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