Oleksandr Karpenko


The purpose of this article is to reveal the mechanism of penetration of technologies of manipulative influence on the mass consciousness and unconsciousness that are carried out in the modern geopolitical space to change the cultural values of the Ukrainian society. The methodological basis of the research consists in the use of methods of social informatics, in particular social and communicative psychoanalysis, through which the role, possibilities and technology of penetration of manipulative influence on the unconsciousness of society are revealed through mass consciousness of the population. Scientific novelty of the article consists of expanding theoretical ideas about mechanisms of the society control through application of influence on its mass unconsciousness in order to induce necessity for certain subjects to manipulate and change the cultural values. Conclusions. The necessity of using offensive information operations as an effective mechanism for implementing public information policy in the context of hybrid war is described in the article, as directing manipulative influence on the mass consciousness / unconsciousness of the enemy, which disrupts the public administration, threatening the national security of the country, encroaching on its territorial integrity and independence, attempts to affect the historical and cultural values of the Ukrainian society.


Manipulative; Communication Process; Communicative Crisis; Social Unconscious; Cultural Values

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