Acting open-air space as a component of the contemporary theatrical show

Nikolaj Kripchuk


The purpose of the article is to analyze the acting open-air space, its functionality during the creation of a modern theatrical show. The methodology of the research consists in the use of cultural, artistic, comparative, structural-functional methods, as well as the observation and generalization approaches which made it possible to realize the necessary directorial-staging processes. The scientific novelty of the results is a qualitatively new, detailed approach to the problematic of the acting open-air space as an essential factor in creating a modern theatrical show. Conclusions. First, the dominant form of the stage festive space are temporary sites. Secondly, the main semantic content of mobile platforms are static or dynamic plastic compositions, participants of which reflect a particular subject, represent a precisely defined episode of the performance, festive procession. Thirdly, the global transformation of the socio-cultural space, the hyperbolization of images, metaphorical and symbolic is the basis for the framing of the festivals "Bregenz Festival" (Austria), where visual imagery blurs the line between reality and signs. Fourthly, decorative design of modern theatrical sights is mostly solved by the principle of simultaneously. Fifthly, installations are a vital element of the flexible solution to the open-air scenicspace.


contemporary theatrical show; acting open-air space; simultaneous scene; floating scenes; scenographic solution; installation.


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