Оlexander Myheda's creativity in the context of post-modernism projects

Oleksandr Benziuk


The purpose of work is to reveal the notion of "postmodernism projects" on the example of "Astra" noveland the collection of the Stories "Pontyism" by Оlexandra Myheda. Methodological fundamentals of the work are based on: ahermentive method of research, with which the researchand structuring of postmodernism projects is studied, aswell as studying the problem of open interpretation; Themethod of philosophical generalization and universalization,which allowed in often ambiguous definitions, fixed invarious sources, to determine the conceptual model ofproblem formulation; The interscientific approach with thehelp of which the comprehensive analysis of the problemwas carried out, with extensive involvement of scientificresearches in culturology, philosophy, aesthetics, and art. Scientific novelty consists in realization of the culturologicalanalysis of post-modernist projects, substantiation of theirversatility in the realities of Ukrainian postmodern art. Conclusion. Oleksandr Mykhalda's creativity forms the clearlandmarks of the post-modernist tendencies of the 20 th – early 21st century. She seems to invite the recipient to createhis art product together with his author. Works of O. Myheda"Open" for permanent development of new internalinterconnections, which the reader has to "open" andchoose in the process of perception of the whole populationof the incoming incentives. Studying "postmodernismprojects" it was possible to state that postmodernismmultidimensional theoretical reflection of spiritual turning inthe consciousness of modern civilization, especially in thesphere of art and philosophy. Postmodern art creates andexplores such a picture of a world that is not "tied" to hardmodels, which means that the work of art contributes to theknowledge of special freedoms in the recipient, encouragesit to form a model of the world, in other words, The artisticwork (in the broadest sense of the word) becomes "open".


projects of postmodernism; postmodernism; Interpretation; Germeneutics; "open interpretation"; "openwork".


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