Culture to France on demolition XIX and XX century in formation of the concepts to piano concerto of C.Sаint-Saëns

Daria Androsova


The purpose of the article is a realization of naturalness to lyrical concept of a piano concerto in French culture end XIX - begin XX century, presented piano Concerto of C.Saint-Saёns, actual intonation which is determined "nеоsymbolism" (on E.Markova) of post-vanguard last decennial event. The methodology of the work is the intonation approach of the school B.Asafiev in Ukraine. The base place occupies the method of the genre-style comparative analysis, hеrmеneutics method, as well as positions performance analysis, as this is presented in works of V.Medushevskiy, E.Markova,  as well as in work of S.Skrebkov  and others. Scientific novelty of the work is determined that that for the first time in musicology of Ukraine  matches up the intonation formation is proto-symbolism, symbolism and nеоsymbolism begin XXI  centuries in concreteness of the interpretation of the genre of the concerto in creative activity of C.Saint-Saёns, is for the first time presented naturalness of relationship to аdrаmаtic trend of the thinking Saint-Saёns with pro-religious tone of the culture of the symbolism and his manifestations in nеоsymbolism of contemporaneity. Conclusions. Works of  C.Saint-Saёns  forms style-semantic parallel to the manifestation of the concert genre besides Russian, Ukrainian composer, for which typology of the concerto also excluded the tragedian-dramatic filling, was directed to ecstatic-glad "ringing of bells" of the play-off, culling from climate of confidence to religious ecstatic quality, confirmed by symbolism. Beside Saint-Saёns  independent sense filling get invoiced acceptance, forming strictly thematic factors, leading to concepts of "distracted themes" XX ct. Quality of playing unity art-reality in post-modern, in post-posvanguard is carried out in pathos presenting "life validity" in unity with strictly artistic text. According, in performance repertoire, has got the special confession a music concert-natty, which correlate with joy-cоmpеnsаtion tone recreational - and spiritual art, capacious presented concert type of the music C.Saint-Saёns. 


culture to France end XIX - begin XX century; symbolism - neo-symbolism XXI century; the genre of a piano concerto; style in music; popular art.


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