Alexander Vesentsev, Lidiya Peristaya, Nadezda Glukhareva, Dang Minh Thuy


Abstract. The results of development of a composite sorbent based on bentonite-like clay and synthetic
hydroxyapatite and investigation of its properties are discussed. Morphological, structural characteristics and phase composition of the experimental sorbents are studied by X-ray diffraction analysis, scanning electron microscopy, and infrared spectroscopy. The composite sorbent has been found to have more sorption capacity toward Pb2+ ions (1250.3 mg/g) as compared to the initial sorption active materials and conventional sorbents (activated carbon, bentonite, zeolites, etc.) as well as some composite sorbents based on hydroxyapatite. The developed composite sorbent provides 100% purification of water from Pb2+ ions at their initial concentration in an aqueous solution equal to 200 mg/g and
sorbate : sorbent mass relation equal to 1:10.
Keywords: hydroxyapatite, montmorillonite, adsorption, composite sorbent.


hydroxyapatite; montmorillonite; adsorption; composite sorbent.

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