Culturological aspects of enterprise management

Ievgeniia Bilchenko, Tetyana Kalyta, Tetiana Zariazhko


The purpose of the article is dedicated to disclosure of cultural aspects of enterprise management on the basis of modern methodology of cultural science. Methodology. The author, based on non-classical conceptual approaches of culturology (philosophy of culture, philosophical hermeneutics, semiotic school), single out four modes of fundamental cultural studies: historical, semantic, social and psychological – whose subjects of studies (mentality, communication, semiosis and creativity) – as implicit elements are included in the system of producing goods and services, both under traditional and the latest management model. Scientific novelty of the research according to the school of «understanding sociology» (cultural hermeneutics), the authors prove the dependence of managerial actions of subjects of the global economics on local cultural conditions (glocalism as a third wave project). Conclusions. In the conducted research an attempt was made to synthesize economic theory, theory and practice of management with cultural disciplines.


management systems; third wave; globalization; cultural semantics; cultural patterns; ethos; fundamental cultural studies; people of time; people of space.


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