Design history studies: an analytical teaching model

Viacheslav Blikhar, Lada Tsymbala, Dmytro Zabzaliuk


Purpose of the Article. To study theoretical courses of formation of the national model of Ukrainian design and design history, in which understanding of design expands to the total design of the subject environment that surrounds the modern person. The methodology of work consists of a combination of a comparative method with respect to the solid layout of scientific studies on the history of design and methods of analysis and synthesis of theoretical developments. The scientific novelty of the research is, first of all, to outline the priority models of studying design in the contemporary humanitarian educational scientific thought of Ukraine, in defining a form of design education that is acceptable to the contemporary Ukrainian socio-cultural environment, which formulates the national model of the development of professional design in Ukraine in the future. Conclusions. The findings of scientific research determine the modern model of design education in Ukraine as a process guided by the methods of cultural-philosophical and art-study analysis and synthesis, and the practice of design is identified with a highly professional creative narrative. Therefore, the results of the study can be used in the pedagogical discourses of modern design education in Ukraine.


design studies; analytical models of teaching; theoretical works


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