Activity of Kyiv-Mezhigirsk faience factory of the period Barskich’s іn primary sources

Olga Shkolna


The purpose of the article consists in the analysis of the components of activity of widely known domestic brand of thin ceramics «Kyiv-Mezhigirsk Faience Factory» the period of management of brothers Lordly (1858 – 1864). The research methodology is based on the application of the historical-chronological approach, historical-genetic and historical-cultural methods which allow analyzing historical circumstances and original causes that have caused specificity of the functioning of the Ukrainian manufacture in Mezhigir’ja near Kyiv on the release of elite thin faience during the first – third thirds ХІХ of the century. The scientific novelty consists in the analysis of isolated primary sources which in aggregate give the chance to look at final time of activity of the designated enterprise from the new point of view and to understand the reasons of a decline of functioning of nice manufacture of Kyiv located in 20 versts, in suburb; Definition of specificity of managing of brothers Barskich’s in Mezhigir’ja, finding-out of circumstances of changes of staff of masters and assortment of products. Conclusions. On the basis of research of materials of archives The Central State Archive-Museum of Literature and Art, the Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine, the Central Archive of the Supreme Authority and Administration of Ukraine, the Russian State Historical Archive it was possible to carry out attempt of reconstruction of separate processes of activity Kyiv-Mezhigirsk Faience Factory of a time of management of brothers Barski’s (1858 – 1864). The important role in understanding of functioning of manufacture of the given period the knowledge of real historical force-major circumstances which influenced restriction of possibilities of manufacture during designated time (refusal of the Office of its imperial majesty in the help with strengthening of coast of Dnepr which has washed away in 1859, refusal in delivery of the grant or a delay of payments for subrent – and as consequence plays, decline of the enterprise which do not have sufficient working capital).


Kyiv-Mezhigirsk Faience Factory; Ukraine; ХІХ century; brothers Nikolay and Vasily Barskie


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