Ha Nam Khanh Giao


Abstract. This study has specific objectives of Identifying and Measuring the impact level of the factors that affect the decision to choose fast food restaurants of the young people in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (HCMC), by surveying 225 young consumers living in HCMC. The SPSS 20 tool was used through the Cronbach's Alpha, EFA, multiple linear regression analysis. The result shows four factors positively affect the decision of choosing fast food restaurants of the young people in HCMC in the order of decreasing level: (1) Price, (2) Products, (3) Store location, and (4) Space. The results also show that there is no difference in the decision by gender but there are differences by occupation and income. From that, several managerial recommendations have been proposed for managers of fast-food stores to develop
appropriate marketing strategies that impact on young people.
Keywords: Decision to choose, Fast food restaurants, The young people in HCMC

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