Nataliia, Svitlana, Liudmyla Donii, Nishchymna, Khoinatska


The purpose of the article is to present the advertisement phenomenon aimed at stimulating certain actions by presenting the elements that are the indicators of ethnic mental peculiarities of Ukrainian national culture to the recipients. The methodology consists of works by foreign and domestic authors covering philosophical, cultural and psychological aspects of advertising. Among the methods chosen for the disclosure of the stated topics, the support was made on the general methods of scientific knowledge: analysis, synthesis, generalization. The scientific novelty of the article is that it makes an analysis of Ukrainian advertising products as a combination of universal advertising genres and elements that are based on ethnic mental peculiarities and values. Conclusion. It was stated that the advertising genres existing in modern social and cultural space present a synthesis of universal and ethnic mental components to a recipient. The paradoxical nature of advertisement is considered to be its reason. This means that: despite the tendency to produce the values of popular culture, it by “rooting” into the national culture, an important element of which is a nucleus, is a means reflecting ethnic mental peculiarities of Ukrainian national culture.


mentality, ethnic mentality, nucleus, advertisement, genres of advertising products.

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