Alina, Anfisa Yakymchuk, Nashynets-Naumova


Today, the system of public administration requires a comprehensive approach to social and cultural development. The purpose of the article of the article is to study the trends of international tourism, analyze successful management approaches and diagnose the problems of the system of state management of tourism in Ukraine. The main objective of this work is to identify the main strategic objectives of the tourism industry, in particular by realizing international experience and improving the level of socio-cultural development. The methodology of the study consists of the use of methods of analysis and synthesis of information, as well as a comparative-legal method, systemic method, dialectical and graphic. A statistical method and an economic analysis method are used to emphasize the economic merits of tourism. The modelling method is used to create practical proposals for tourism development in the Rivne region to improve the level of socio-cultural development. The scientific novelty is to develop a strategy for the development of tourism on the example of the Rivne region until 2020-2025, the introduction of a comprehensive analysis of international trends in the management of the tourism sector, which is designed to form a new vision tourism as a socio-economic phenomenon, as well as the formation of a synchronous approach to industrial governance at the regional level. Conclusions. The authors of the article developed a strategy for the development of tourism in the regions of Ukraine as a typical document, which should take into account the cultural traditions of the local population, spiritual and historical development. Tourism development centres should be objects of historical and cultural heritage. The state and prospects of tourism development in Ukraine have been analyzed. Obstacles have been founded in the development of tourism and have been proposed ways to eliminate them. A comparison of the development of the tourism industry in Ukraine has been done and its place in the world was determined by the main socio-cultural indicators. A set of measures to stimulate the development of tourism in Ukraine has been developed.


socio-cultural development, historical development, strategy, public administration, historical and cultural heritage.

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