Natalia Synkevych


The purpose of the article is to outline aware and persistent efforts of K. Stetsenko in the areas of creative, pedagogical and social work for the national-patriotic education of youth, as well as the Ukrainian society as a whole. The methodology of the research lies in application of historical, biographical and system-analytical methods. The scientific novelty of the research is in the discourse of cultural and educational basis of Kyrylo Stetsenko’s musical creativity, his pedagogical and social activities; in systematizing materials about his achievements as a composer, conductor, critic, teacher and public figure motivated by his national and patriotic priorities. K. Stetsenko inherited his love for art, folklore, and respect for Ukrainian sacral traditions from his parents’ home. During his studies at the theological educational institutions and in M. Lysenko’s Music and Drama School the grounds of his national self-awareness were set. This was also facilitated by his personal acquaintance with Mykola Lysenko. K. Stetsenko’s managerial and choral activities, foundation of music publishing house, his work as a music critic and educator were motivated by his devoted commitment to the Ukrainian idea. The composer’s patriotic attitude was reflected in his selection of freedom-loving poetry for vocal music, in composing a number of spiritual pieces, in interpretation of folk-verse and paraliturgical samples, in children’s art. Conclusions. Due to his tireless social work, talent of a composer, pedagogical and managerial skills, the artist responded to the needs of the Ukrainian society and school, realized the demand for artistic-concert and didactic material, understood its significance for musical education and upbringing. Both musical and theoretical works of K. Stetsenko were based on national patriotic principles, and therefore they remain relevant to this day.


composer, educator, conductor, music education, folklore studies, church music, school singing repertoire.

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