Iryna Tsykhanovska

Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy, Ukraine
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Department of Food Technology, Light Industry and Design

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Researcher ID: AAF-6894-2021

Selected Publications:

  1. Riabchykov, M., Tsykhanovska, I., Alexandrov, A. (2023). Justification of technologies for the synthesis of mineral nanoparticles for the creation of magnetic smart textile. Journal of Materials Science, 58 (16), 7244–7256. 

  2. Tsykhanovska, I., Riabchykov, M., Alexandrov, O., Evlash, V., Bryzytska, O., Gubsky, S. et al. (2023). Physico-Chemical Studies of the Interaction Mechanism of Double and Trivalent Iron Double Oxide Nano-Particles with Serpin Protein Ovalbumin and Water. Chemistry & Chemical Technology, 17 (3), 481–494. 

  3. Riabchykov, M., Furs, T., Alexandrov, A., Tsykhanovska, I., Hulai, O., Shemet, V. (2023). Specified Parameters in Designing Porous Materials Using Magnetic Nanotechnologies. Journal of Engineering Sciences, 10 (2), C56–C62. 

  1. Tsykhanovska, I., Yevlash, V., Tovma, L., Adamczyk, G., Alexandrov, A., Lazarieva, T., Blahyi, O. (2023). Flour from Sunflower Seed Kernels in the Production of Flour Confectionery. Bioconversion of Wastes to Value-Added Products, 129–167. 

  2. Tsykhanovska, I., Tovma, L., Yevlash, V., Lazarieva, T., Blahyi, O., Alexandrov, A. et al. (2023). Development of technology of crackers wuth increased food value to improve the food supply to military servants during a special period. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 2 (11 (122)), 24–37. 

  3. Tsykhanovska, I., Tovma, L., Lazarieva, T., Blahyi, O., Alexandrov, A., Riabchykov, M. et al. (2023). Improving the quality of rye-wheat bread enriched with flour from extruded kernels of sunflower seeds for food supplies to military personnel. Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies, 1 (11 (121)), 50–59. 

  4. Trishch, R., Nechuiviter, O., Dyadyura, K., Vasilevskyi, O., Tsykhanovska, I., Yakovlev, M. (2021). Qualimetric method of assessing risks of low quality products. MM Science Journal, 2021 (4), 4769–4774. 

  5. Trishch, R., Cherniak, O., Kupriyanov, O., Luniachek, V., Tsykhanovska, I. (2021). Methodology for multi-criteria assessment of working conditions as an object of qualimetry. Engineering Management in Production and Services, 13 (2), 107–114. 

  6. Tsykhanovska, I., Yevlash, V., Alexandrov, A., Alibekov, R. (2021). Influence of the mineral food nanoadditive “Magnetofood” on the quality indicators of whipped confectionery products. BIO Web of Conferences, 30, 01022. 

  1. Tsykhanovska, I., Stabnikova, O., Alexandrov, O., Trishch, R., Blagiy, O. (2021). Functional and technological properties of food nanoadditive based of double oxide of bi- and trivalent iron in lyophilic colloidal dispersed systems. Ukrainian Food Journal, 10 (4), 707–716.