Psychological and pedagogical problems of student ' mental health support




The paper presents the results of a scientific study conducted to determine the importance of monitoring the psychological state of students of higher education institutions during the educational process. The research used methods of analysis and synthesis of scientific information, research of the psychological state of the respondents according to the methods of SAN, questionnaires, interviews, pedagogical experiment and statistical processing of the obtained data. Based on the analysis of the results of the study, it was confirmed that the use of a system of monitoring the psychological state of students during the educational process is an important component of maintaining their mental health and helps to improve their learning. This effect is explained by the fact that the use of such a system provides the ability to correct the level of intensity of educational loads, which helps to improve the adaptation of students to the conditions of the educational process.

Key words: higher education institutions, educational process, psychological state, mental health, well-being.