Physical therapy for covid-19 pneumonia on the example of a clinical case




The article presents an analysis of the home program of physical therapy (PT) of a 54-year-old teacher with bilateral segmental COVID - 19 pneumonia. The PT program included classes with an emphasis on improving ventilation of the affected areas with a gradual increase in duration and decrease in the number of classes, and exercises to improve chest mobility and relax the auxiliary respiratory muscles; dosed walking. After 8 weeks of training, there was an improvement in all indicators. According to spirometry, static indicators that indicate the condition of lung tissue were within the age norm. In PT, patients who have suffered from covid pneumonia can hardly be recipe, so it is necessary to focus on the specific problems of the patient to develop an individual program of physical therapy. The PT program is developed taking into account the specific needs of the patient. The first months after discharge are crucial to restore the structure and function of the respiratory system. Overload leads to deterioration of the patient's condition. Online classes complicate the process of monitoring the patient's condition, which can contribute to overload and deterioration of his condition