Physical therapy after elbow fractures joint at the outpatient stage




To scientifically substantiate, develop and evaluate the effectiveness of the FT program for patients with fractures of the elbow bones at the outpatient stage. Material and methods: analysis of special scientific literature on the problems of physical therapy in fractures of the elbow bones, medical and biological, pedagogical methods, the use of modern computer technology, methods of mathematical statistics. Results: defined modern views on the rehabilitation of patients after fractures of the elbow bones, developed a program of physical therapy. Approbation of the program was conducted on the basis of the medical health center "Fortis" during 2021-2022 with the participation of 15 patients aged 31-40 years (main group - 7, control group - 8). Elbow goniometry, pain intensity tests, and upper limb functional status assessments showed significant improvements in all patients in both groups, but in the main group patients were statistically significantly better. Conclusions. Analysis of the scientific literature has shown that the problem of fractures of the elbow bones is relevant and requires comprehensive treatment using many methods of physical therapy; developed, tested a program of physical therapy that improves the functional state of the upper extremity and restores efficiency in fractures of the elbow bones.