Non-traditional means of physical therapy for vertebrogen pain in the lumbar region




To assess the impact of the proposed non-traditional physical therapy program (Su Jock therapy, yoga therapy) on patients with vertebrogenic pain in the lumbar region in terms of increased pain. Materials and methods: In order to assess the condition of patients prior to the introduction of the program, questionnaires and spinal function research methods were used. The total group of patients (28 patients) was randomly divided into a basic and control group of 14 patients. The core group worked on the developed program, the control group on the treatment facility program. Results: Based on the results of the survey, a three-week rehabilitation program for major group patients was developed and implemented, including Su Jock therapy and a set of yoga therapy exercises. Conclusions: A comparison of the results of the repeated survey of the nature of pain has revealed a larger number of patients in the core group who have stopped complaining during the observed movements