Research of the most common mistakes during massage




The article focuses on the problem that has become especially acute in modern society in recent decades - lack of physical activity and, as a consequence - the urgent need for quality services by massage therapists, which is a powerful tool for all human systems. It is noted that therapeutic massage is an effective method of physical and psycho-emotional relaxation, prevention and treatment of various diseases, as well as a cosmetic procedure. Since massage techniques have a powerful effect on the whole body, you need to know exactly what techniques, in which case it should be used. Mistakes in the work of a masseur can cause serious disorders in the body, so mastering the profession of masseur, you must take into account all the contraindications and possible problems. A careful analysis of scientific and methodological and special literature on the topic of massage shows that this problem requires a deeper and more comprehensive understanding. Qualitative theoretical substantiation and classification of errors could warn specialists against currently known errors in work, and their clients - from unqualified massage services. The results of the study can be used in the educational process in the training of massage therapists in order to improve their skills, preventing unwanted mistakes.