Gas content on dual-flow plate in a combined contact device


  • Gennadiy Taranenko Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University Tsentralnyi ave., 59-a, Severodonetsk, Ukraine, 93400, Ukraine



combined contact device, column, geometrical characteristics, rectification, separator, dual-flow plate


A study of dual-flow plates with a large free section, which are proposed to be installed in combination with a package of a corrugated nozzle with an oblique corrugation, is carried out. The package of the nozzle is installed above the dual-flow plate as a separator of the gas-liquid layer, thus, the package of the nozzle is the second zone of contact of the phases in the conditions of mass transfer. Such a combined contact device allows high linear gas velocities.

It has been established that the hydrodynamic characteristics of the combined contact device are practically independent of the diameter of the column apparatus under load conditions in the liquid phase characteristic of rectification processes

Author Biography

Gennadiy Taranenko, Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University Tsentralnyi ave., 59-a, Severodonetsk, Ukraine, 93400

PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Equipment industry


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Technical Sciences