Antonio da Silva Souto

Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil

Full Professor of Department of Zoology


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Researcher ID: G-1799-2010

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Selected Publications:

  1. da Silva Costa, A. K., De la Fuente, M. F., Sobral, A., Souto, A., Schiel, N., Alves, R. R. N. (2023). Local Ecological Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Sapajus flavius in a Key Area for Primate Conservation. International Journal of Primatology. doi:

  2. De la Fuente, M. F., Souto, A., Albuquerque, U. P., Schiel, N. (2022). Self‐medication in nonhuman primates: A systematic evaluation of the possible function of the use of medicinal plants. American Journal of Primatology, 84 (11). doi:

  3. Malta, A., Caselli, C., Souto, A., De la Fuente, M. F., Schiel, N. (2022). Number of adult females in a group affects infant motor development of a cooperative breeding primate (Callithrix jacchus). Primates, 63 (6), 683–689. doi:

  4. Ngo, V., Gorman, J. C., De la Fuente, M. F., Souto, A., Schiel, N., Miller, C. T. (2022). Active vision during prey capture in wild marmoset monkeys. Current Biology, 32 (15), 3423-3428.e3. doi:

  5. Hilário, R. R., Silvestre, S. M., Abreu, F., Beltrão‐Mendes, R., de Castro, C. S. S., Chagas, R. R. D., De la Fuente, M. F., Duarte, M. H. L., Ferrari, S. F., Passamani, M., Schiel, N., Souto, A., Young, R. J., Souza‐Alves, J. P. (2021). Temperature and exudativory as drivers of the marmoset (Callithrixspp.) daily activity period. American Journal of Primatology, 84 (6). doi:

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  7. da Silva, O. C., Melo Santos, A. M., Schiel, N., Souto, A. (2021). Like Music to our Ears: The Complexity of Bird Vocalizations as a Key Factor of Attractiveness. Anthrozoös, 35 (1), 91–104. doi: