A comparative characteristics of patients with acute coronary syndrome according to data of Ukrainian and European registers 2009-2015.

O. S. Shchukina, O. A. Koval


The aim of this work was to compare basic anamnestic and demographic data in Ukrainian and European groups included in the register SNAPSHOT 2009 and local group ofthe year2015. It wasestablished that by the year2015 patients’ age advanced (from 65±13 to 68.6±11.2 years), as well as part of women (from 30% to 47.5%), previous myocardial infarction frequency (from 22% to 34.7%), heart failure (from 10% to 42.6%), and chronic kidney disease (from 2% to 14.9%). The increase of prevalence of arterial hypertension (88.1%) in local group was founded. The average body mass index had tendency to increasing (28.6±4.4 kg/m2); the part of patients with increased body mass index was equal among men and women. Simultaneous increase of such comorbidities as arterial hypertension, chronic kidney disease and complications of previous myocardial infarction and heart failure in the local register with a lower prevalence of such risk factors as smoking (13.9%), dyslipidemia (10.9%), and frequency of diabetes (10.9%) were founded. The prevalence of peripheral atherosclerosis was lower in the year 2015 research group than in European one (1% vs 6%). The prevalence of percutaneous coronary intervention (3.1%) and CABG (1.1%) for diagnostic and treatment of ischemic heart disease was extremely low in 2015 year group. The prevalence of previous stroke and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease remained approximately the samein all registers groups. The tendency of increase of malignancy prevalence in anamnesis was founded (5.9%), and probably it was associated with increase of average patients’ age.


acute coronary syndrome; epidemiology; anamnesis; registry

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