Clinical and laboratory efficacy of systemic enzyme therapy in patients with chronic generalized periodontitis complicated by purulent foci in soft periodontal tissues.

А. А. Gudaryan, N. B. Kuznyak, I. I. Dronik


The article presents the results of complex treatment of 98 patients with chronic generalized periodontitis with purulent foci in periodontal tissues by using standard complex treatment in combination with systemic enzyme therapy, which in turn allows to increase the effectiveness of the therapeutic measures and to eliminate etiological and pathogenetic links and regress of clinical symptoms of the disease. Under its influence, clinical and laboratory rehabilitation comes faster by 5.4 ± 0.2 days, and remission throughout the year takes place in 91.7% of cases.


generalized periodontitis; enzyme therapy; immunodeficiency; biocenosis

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1. Treatment of aggressive (rapidly progressing) generalized periodontitis using systemic enzyme therapy in combination with osteoinductive medicines
O. O. Gudaryan, I. S. Mashchenko, T. O. Kucherenko
Medicni perspektivi (Medical perspectives)  Vol: 25  Issue: 3  First page: 144  Year: 2020  
doi: 10.26641/2307-0404.2020.3.214852


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License