Experimental evaluation of the influence of gold nanoparticles and cerium dioxide on normal and malignant cells and tissues.

A. G. Reznikov, O. A. Falyush, N. D. Nosenko, O. V. Sachynska, L. I. Polyakova, A. A. Limareva, I. G. Perchyk


The results of experimental studies of the effect of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) on the organs of the reproductive system of male rats, cells and tissues of androgen-dependent prostate cancer (PCa) are presented, as well as the effect of cerium dioxide nanoparticles (CeO2NPs) on the testes and fertility of aging male rats. Addition of polydisperse colloidal solution of AuNPs (10-50 nm) to the culture medium in a final concentration of 10 μg/ml inhibited the growth of the LNCaP culture, PCa cells, while monodisperse solution of AuNPs (20 nm) caused no effect. The polydisperse colloidal solution of AuNPs arrested the growth of PCa xenografts in mice, when administered parenterally at a dose range of 0.64-6.4 μg/kg body weight. The selectivity of the drug effect on the malignant epithelium is confirmed by signs of its destruction and decrease in the epithelial stromal ratio on histological preparations of xenografts. There was no significant damaging effect of poly- and monodisperse AuNPs solutions on the organs of the reproductive system of male rats when administered for up to two weeks. The stimulating effect of a low dose of CeO2NPs (1 mg/kg b.w.) administered orally on hormonal function of testes and spermatogenesis, proliferative and secretory processes in the prostate of aging male rats was established. However, fertility of animals was reduced in comparison with the control group due to immaturity of the part of spermatozoa. Thus, metal nanoparticles and their salts can have both a stimulating and destructive effect on organs and tissues, which should be taken into consideration when studying their therapeutic potential and in toxicology.


gold nanoparticles; cerium dioxide nanoparticles; reproductive system; aging; prostate cancer

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