Substantiation of ways for improvement of questionnaire-survey method of asssessment of population’s actual nutrition.

L. B. Ieltsova, S. T. Omelchuk


Actual nutrition state indicates a significant prevalence of polynutrient deficits in Ukraine. One of the key issues in the fight against alimentary-dependent diseases is monitoring of population’s nutrition status. Only reliable methods for assessing actual nutrition can provide reliable information about the nature of nutrition and establish a relationship with health state. Taking into account the abovementioned, the aim of our study was to compare the existing methods of studying nutrition and nutrition status of individuals or population groups to substantiate and develop a new universal, effective method for assessing nutrition and its subsequent approval. It has been found that existing methods for assessing human food consumption have its disadvantages and advantages and provide the opportunity to receive certain types of nutrition information. There is no single universal method that would allow to make comprehensive assessment of population’s nutrition, including student youth. To solve this issue, we have substantiated and developed a questionnaire for assessing the nutrition of different population groups, including student youth, which has been evaluated and approved by specialists from leading in­stitu­tions in the field of nutrition hygiene, gastroenterology and dietetics.Created survey questionnaire is a universal tool for collecting primary information and providing an opportunity to assess the social and welfare standards of respon­dents, working conditions and living conditions, the presence of hazard factors and bad habits, involvement in sports, anthropometric indicators, as well as it allows to assess the diet, drinking regime, main food product groups consumption, weight of portions, food handling methods, priority and benefits when choosing food, food intake places, which will be taken into account in the future to develop effective measures for the prevention of alimentary and alimentary-dependent diseases. 


methods of actual food consumption study; questionnaire; expert assessment; student youth

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