Peculiarities of systemic violations in patients with genital endometriosis in combination with benign diseases of genitalia and syndrome of chronic pelvic pain.

L. P. Grek


The aim of the work is determination of intercommunication of cytokines ІL-10, ІL-6 levels, TNF-α with subjective estimation of pain, processes of the nervous system desadaptation in patients with genital endometriosis in combination with benign hormonal pathology of the genitaliafollowed by chronic pelvic pain (CPP). There were 120 women in research divided into several groups, depending on visual analogue scale (VAS) and durations of disease: 1st group (n=44), VAS was 7-10 points; 2-d group (n=41) VAS – 4-6 points; 3-d group (n=35) VAS – 0-3 points. Along with progress of CPP there was marked decline of cytokines ІL-10, and increase of ІL-6, TNF -α comparatively with 3-d group (р<0,05);this correlated with the higher points of intensity of pain syndrome in the 1st group, with pain anamnesis duration and increased level of anxiety and depression. Imbalance of cytokines towards the proinflammatory link in definite clinical provoking factors of pain can be considered as a predictor of CPP.


genital endometriosis; chronic pelvic pain; cytokines ІL-10, ІL-6; TNF-α; depression

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