Dynamics of cytokines level under the influence of lyophilized dialysate of leucocytes (Immodin) on the background of allergen-specific immunotherapy (ASIT) by pollene allergens in patients with pollinosis.

Ie. Koretskaia


The analysis of IL-4, INF-γ has been performed on the background of lyophilized dialysate of leu­co­cytes (Immodin) in the course of the ASIT with pollen allergens among patients with pollinosis. 104 people of both genders were examined, average age was 34.3±1.0 years. All patients took the ASIT course before. It is denoted that prior to treatment half of the patients with hay fever (n=58 (55.8±4.9)%) had blood IL-4 level above the norm. The level of INF-γ in blood serum, in contrast, was lower and beyond the reference range. After preseasonal ASIT under the influence of lyophilized dialysate of leukocyte (Immodin) a significant decrease of IL-4 content in blood serum comparing to initial level – by 1.7 times or 40.2% (p<0.001) is observed. IL-4 content in blood serum of the main group after treatment was lower by 32.0%, comparing to the control group (p<0.001). IFN-γ level increased by 2.4 times among patients of the main group and by 1,9 times among patients of the control group. Hence, in presence of comparable levels of INF-γ before treatment in both groups, under the influence of ASIT the INF-γ concentration in blood serum in the main group is 33.9% higher than in control group. Studies indicate that ASIT effects on Th2 inhibitors, disenabling its activity, although under the influence of Immodin it proceeds reliably more efficiently already after the first course.


pollinosis; allergen-specific immunotherapy; dialysate leukocyte lyophilized


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